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WCF Bindings with Kerberos Message Security

Message security and Kerberos seem to go hand in hand these days in the world of WCF. While Microsoft makes it particularly easy for you to secure a respective service under wsHttpBinding with Kerberos, I was unsure how do to this while running under SOAP 1.1. Thankfully, Microsoft gives us a very robust customBinding configuration solution for these cases when wsHttpBinding or basicHttpBinding just won’t do.

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Create WCF Service Client with Kerberos Impersonation

Let’s face it, we as developers would love nothing more than to work with the latest and greatest in terms of technology, languages, and frameworks. But, more often then naught, we are called upon to interface with, extend, or gasp rewrite existing applications written in god knows what language. Projects like these are always a sticky situation with developers, and most of the time, end up being a hacked together unmaintainable mess.

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