Moving my blog from Blogger to WordPress.

After wrestling with Blogger for a few months, I’ve decided to move my blog from Blogger to WordPress hosted on Microsoft Azure. I think Blogger is a great solution by Google for those that just want to write what’s on their mind, but if you’re trying to blog about software development, you really should look elsewhere.

Setting up a new extra small Virtual Machine in Azure.

This literally took me under 5 minutes to do. I actually think it took me longer to type in my information for the Azure 90 day trial than it did for Azure to stand up my new VM.

I played around with Azure a year or so back, and let me tell you, the new management portal preview is leaps and bounds better than the old portal. Props to the Azure team for listening to feedback.

The Moving Process

I decided on using a Azure Virtual Machine instead of an Azure Web Site because I like pain…I mean, I like setting up server roles and IIS. All kidding aside, the overall process was as follows.

  1. Install WordPress on my shiny new VM via the Web Platform Installer.
  2. Hide index.php from my new WordPress install via IIS Redirect/Rewrite.
  3. Import Blogger posts via WordPress Admin Dashboard -> Tools -> Import.
  4. Setup Blogger to redirect to my new blog URL.
  5. Use IIS Redirect to redirect old Blogger posts to my new WordPress feeds.

While this may look daunting for someone just wanting to host a blog, it’s really quite a simple process and only took me around 1 hour to get everything migrated. Adios Blogger!