Monthly Archives: April 2012

Create WCF Service Client with Kerberos Impersonation

Let’s face it, we as developers would love nothing more than to work with the latest and greatest in terms of technology, languages, and frameworks. But, more often then naught, we are called upon to interface with, extend, or gasp rewrite existing applications written in god knows what language. Projects like these are always a sticky situation with developers, and most of the time, end up being a hacked together unmaintainable mess.

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Use a .NET configuration file with a class library DLL

Configuration files are a lifeblood for just about every .NET developer. You don’t realize how much you rely on the configuration file until it’s not readily available to you. I recently had to travel down the path of either rolling my own configuration file solution, or figuring out how to leverage the .NET configuration solution from a stand alone class library.

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